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Build the bridge between your company and talent is a content learning platform for talent acquisition professionals. We create courses and visual e-books that help you upskill with changing times

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our framework teaches recruiting, attracting talent, designing memorable brands and crafting
a compelling message

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Become tech savvy by learning the hard skills needed as a recruiter in this digital sphere


Combining hard skills with digital know-how is crucial to building an employer brand, or a content-based marketing strategy for talent


Influence is a key component at being a successful recruiter. Learn behavioural dynamics and how they can be used

here's how we do it

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courses & workshops

get access to on the job coaching or highlight interactive workshops


read exclusive visual content about employer branding, copywriting, and a variety of other topics

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Slovak basketball lover turned into Global Employer Branding Lead

Eva has around 12 years of experience in talent acquisition in agencies, consulting businesses, and in-house organizations. She has worked with many companies of different sizes attracting talent, building teams, and establishing processes and best practices on hiring success and employer branding.

Since relocating to Amsterdam from Slovakia eight years ago, Eva has earned a reputation for her personal and human-centered approach to talent acquisition and employer branding.

She is a trainer, writer, and international public speaker with a strong desire to innovate through knowledge sharing, combining her expertise in sociology and talent acquisition with her interests in psychology, marketing, and branding.

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"We used Eva for training my team on improved copywriting skills in combination with her book Employer Branding Strategy. My team liked her way of training and the contents of her book are still being used by my team today. This is the Way!"




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