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 Copywriting + Recruitment is a content learning platform for talent professionals. 
We create visual learning guides that help you upskill with changing times.

 Master the basics of creating engaging recruitment copy. This ebook will teach you how to effectively write email outreach to candidates, job postings, and online career profiles. Learn persuasive writing techniques, magic phrases, and words.  

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 New eBook 

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Don’t just recruit. Write with a difference. 

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What will you get in this digital book?

  • Over a hundred flashcards with online influence principles, magic phrases, and power words. 

  • Templates, exercises, and writing formulas. 

  • List of resources, tools to use, and people to follow.

‘Copywriting in recruitment’ is a new-hand visually illustrated eBook.


It’s one-of-a-kind, comprehensive, up-to-date training material. It combines tried-and-true marketing and copywriting approaches with in-depth recruitment knowledge to empower your brand and hire more people.


It is no-nonsense. Significant impact. Actual outcomes.


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