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I'm Eva - your go-to expert in the world of talent acquisition and employer branding!

With my 12-year journey in the recruitment realm, I've honed my skills in various settings, from recruitment agencies, consultancy to in-house roles. Throughout my career, I've excelled in finding top talent, assembling high-performing teams, and crafting impeccable hiring strategies and employer branding practices.

Currently, I hold the position of Global Employer Branding Lead at the corporate powerhouse, Danfoss. Here, I orchestrate and amplify our global employer brand across the entire candidate journey. My mission? Continuously elevate our employer brand and value proposition. I collaborate with ten diverse regions and three dynamic segments, ensuring the seamless localization of our global employer brand. 

My journey took me from Slovakia to the vibrant city of Amsterdam eight years ago, where I've become known for my warm and personable approach to talent acquisition.

Beyond my corporate role, I'm a passionate trainer, prolific writer, and international speaker. My true passion lies in driving innovation through the exchange of knowledge, seamlessly melding my expertise in sociology and talent acquisition with my keen interests in psychology, marketing, and branding.

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"I am fascinated by the intersection of psychology, marketing and talent acquisition

I’m a woman of many interests, I love learning across fields and thinking laterally- being multidisciplinary. I'm driven by learning. Sharing insights and honest, critical feedback. As for brainstorming, I love to understand the context of everything. I see the power in innovation and in future-oriented perspectives. Everything starts with a goal & the clear energy to move forward at all times." 


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