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Eva Baluchova


Team & Culture Building, Remote Working

Eva is a forward-thinking talent acquisition professional and certified employer branding specialist with 9 years of experience in agency, consultancy, and in-house recruitment. She combines her background from sociology and talent acquisition with her passion for employee engagement, team dynamics, and employer branding. 

Since moving to Amsterdam from Slovakia four years ago, Eva has built a reputation for her personable and human-centered approach to talent acquisition.

She has a strong drive to innovate through knowledge sharing as a trainer, writer and an international public speaker. She likes to share her passion for recruitment, employer branding, human relations, team dynamics and culture. 

Besides work, she actively plays basketball and also likes to have fun and relax!

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Andrei Lascut

Digital Marketing & Employer Branding Strategy

Andrei Lascut began his career in marketing more than 16 years ago. At the beginning of his career, he mixed marketing with technology working for software and ISP companies. He continued for the next 10 years working in big FMCG and e-commerce companies like Grolsch. 


In the past years, Andrei has started his own brand building agency, The Temple, under a new concept developed by him: Human Marketing. Together with the International Advertising School, he also developed the Digital Module, the first digital marketing school focused on digital marketing strategy.  


Among the brands and companies he worked for are: SAB Miller, OMV, Jacobs Douwe Egberts and Carlsberg.

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Jiri Herodek

Data analysis, Data mining, Data visualisation, Talent Mapping

Jiri is a tech-savvy IT Recruiter and Sourcer who started his career 9 years ago in a french executive search company when he specialized in roles in engineering.

Equipped with the understanding of how to handle executive search projects he progressed to Recruiter at Deloitte. Afterward, he accepted the offer at a small executive search company where he was focusing on looking for IT specialists across CEE and DACH region. He spent almost 5 years there and has completed around 250 projects till now. Currently, he is working as a Talent Acquisition Partner at Accolade where he scales up their Prague office. Jiri has also previous experience with training recruitment teams through video and in person. His specialization is Data Analytics and Visualization, Market Mapping, Sourcing, Growth Hacking.

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Frank Garten

Intercultural Buisness, Influential and Effective Communication

Obtaining his PhD in Physics and Chemistry in 1996 taught Frank that any problem – technical or human – can be solved, with the right mindset and attitude. He started working for Philips. His career developed from technical functions into international commercial roles, to general management with responsibility for a 57m Eur revenue division and later to Human Resources Management.

In his daily work Frank help professionals to become stronger, more effective and achieve optimal results through meaningful dialogue. Just like he built up his career on a strong start in science, he likes to base his work today on solid insights and well-proven methods. He understands, simplifies and defines practical solutions. He is able to rapidly build up trust in groups such that we can speak about meaningful things. He challenges and confronts, with an empathetic smile and a results-oriented mindset.

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Yullia Bondar

Culture Differences at the workplace, Mental health of recruiters

Yulia is a human & technology enthusiast, coming from Ukraine and enjoying work & life in Amsterdam. She has 8 years of experience as a Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding Specialist, with extensive expertise in global tech hiring. Having a degree in organizational psychology and being “geeky”, she always had a neverending curiosity for people. Yulia is a certified personal coach and culture differences specialist.


During her work within corporates, scale-ups, and startups, she found out her passion for exploring cultural diversity and looking for the best cultural inclusive strategies at the workplace. She focuses on human relationships at work and it's influence on business - mental health, the psychology behind it and the best ways to align personal growth tactics within an employee's journey.

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Adrie Smith

Content creation, employer branding, copywriting

Adrie Smith is Recruitee's current Head of Content & Branding. Adrie got her start in recruitment as an agency recruiter in Amsterdam. Working with tight deadlines and tough clients, she discovered the power of good copy and content when convincing stakeholders and candidates alike.


Today, Adrie's busy building Recruitee's brand internationally and loves to share her passion for high quality content that connects, convinces, and converts

Kim Lokenberg

Sourcing, automated talent pipelines, OSINT

Kim started working in hardcore advertising 20 years ago, handling global clients traveling around, organizing the craziest things, in the past 10 years she combined her advertising skills with recruitment.

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Gordon Lokenberg

Sourcing, OSINT

Gordon became part of the recruitment industry about 20 years ago, worked on both Agency and Corporate side on a global level. He has been training recruiters and sales people on internet skills since 2007, and also launched one of the first Mobile Recruitment apps in 2009 and won the first global people sourcing contest in 2012.

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