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Content Creation - The Recruitment Marketing Trilogy

A key part of our belief here at is in something we call Recruitment 3.0, which describes how our profession will need to adapt to the increasing competition for talent and the changing structure of the workforce.

But how? 🧐🧐🧐

In order to become a Recruiter 3.0, you’ll need to master an increasingly integrated set of tools, build you digital savviness and learn the art of influencing.

One of the central parts of this new skillset is recruitment marketing, in other words how to attract, nurture and engage potential talent. This could be for the purpose of an immediate hire or to fill your pipeline with qualified candidates for the future. Recruitment marketing involves not just being knowing your hiring basics but learning to build compelling online content, create an employer branding narrative, measure success, manage a project and focus on relationships.

With a recent study confirming that companies with a strong employer brand see a 43% decrease in hiring costs, the marketing and hiring benefits seem clear. In this trilogy, we will explore 3 core ways to build your recruitment marketing efforts:

  • Copywriting (What you say)

  • Storytelling (How you say it)

  • Content Creation (What you show)


Recruitment marketing is marketing. Whether it’s to attract new hires, keep potential hires warm or even just for your existing team, content is the best strategy you can take.

In fact, a study conducted by Potentialpark showed that 56% of their respondents admitted to seeing career related content or job ads. Of those respondents, 90% actually clicked on that content.

Let’s look at some tips to optimize your content strategy!

1. Be regular

Before thinking about any content, you need to set in place a content calendar. This defines when you’ll post, on which platforms and how often. Scheduling tools like Buffer and Hootsuite can help you find the best times to post and establish a routine every week for getting the content out when you need it. Check out Hubspot's free template for a content calendar to get started.

2. Be visual

The new generations entering the workforce are increasingly mobile native and react to visuals. The success of Instagram and TikTok highlights that visual content captures this new audience whether it’s to sell a product or attract a hire. The famous 2012 campaign from Dollar Shave club is a classic example of building visual content successfully. Making photo or video based content that is short, impactful and easily shareable. Tools like Canva allow you to build content faster these days so experiment and see what works for your company story!

3. Be bold

It’s important to step outside of your comfort zone and experiment with content that is outside your company’s typical marketing voice. Whether the experiment works or not, there will be important learnings when you measure its success. Google’s Internship film was an example of a bold new type of content for the company, and one that helped them expand their content reach despite the film’s lukewarm reception. Even if you don’t have Google’s budget, try being bold with imagery, messaging, marketing tactics and just get creative!

4. Be strategic

Ultimately writing blog content or posting graphics has a strategic aim, which in this case could be to fill your pipeline with qualified leads. It’s important to think about maximizing the chances your content will be seen by using keywords or hashtags (depending on the channel). This has benefits for your search rank indexing and your visibility on social media platforms.

5. Be authentic

Last but not least, be true to your brand and your voice. As we’ve discussed in previous posts, recruitment marketing is a combination of different skills. Your content needs to reflect the narrative you are building for your employer brand. Ask yourself questions like: Why do people love working here? What should others know about the company? Featuring human stories is a great way to get across these messages as you build content for your employer brand.


So there you have it, the trilogy of skills you need to turbocharge your recruitment marketing efforts! Copywriting, storytelling and content creation go hand in hand to help you achieve your goals.

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