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Creating a Candidate Touchpoint Map to build experience that matters

What does the candidate experience mean?

The candidate experience refers to the entire process that a job seeker goes through when applying for a job, including submitting their application, interviewing, and receiving a job offer (or not). It's important for employers to provide a positive candidate experience because it can affect the way potential employees view the company and its brand. A good candidate experience can also improve the chances that a job seeker will accept a job offer if one is made.

Candidates are looking for information.

You know the saying, 'Faster is cheaper'? Well, guess what? Talented people aren't rushing to click 'Apply' on the first 'We're Hiring' post they see. Trust me, they're not impulse shoppers. They're more like detectives, researching, comparing, and planning their next move. So, if you think a quick 'We're Hiring' post is your golden ticket, think again. Candidates are savvy; they're doing their homework. And so should we!

Many of the best job candidates make important career decisions based on how socially online an employer is and how much engaging information candidates get. To attract top talent, you must clearly define and plan every point of contact with the candidate market.

Companies need to learn to own messaging as the brand and learn what it means to craft compelling copy that doesn't just engage and hold attention but also builds brand value and reputation. You need to understand your audience, what they do, where and what they like, and how to convey your message to them.

Understand that the candidate journey is an information journey; candidates are looking for answers to their questions in your content. What's the leadership, hiring manager, recruiting process, product, client, and day like - help talent decide whether your organization is a good fit.

Remember: Trust is built these days differently. It's built through online visibility and reputation.

Creating a candidate touchpoint map

A touchpoint map is a visual representation of the different ways that candidates and employees interact with a company or brand. The map typically includes all of the channels and points of contact that your audience has with the company, such as through a website, social media, phone calls, in-store visits, or email. By understanding the candidate's experience at each touchpoint, a business can identify opportunities to optimize and improve the candidate and employee journey.

When creating touchpoint map be cautious...Remember that each touchpoint has the power to increase or decrease your brand's value. The more touch points you add, the more complexity and cost you put into the business. So how do you select touchpoints? Let’s use Marty Neumeier method that he explains in his book The Brand Flip.

Final thoughts: Trust today is built differently, primarily through online visibility and reputation. This underscores the importance of creating a Candidate Touchpoint Map, a visual representation of how candidates and employees interact with your brand across various channels. This map allows you to identify opportunities to optimize and enhance the candidate and employee journey. However, it's essential to exercise caution when adding touchpoints, as each one can either increase or decrease your brand's value.

Example of Candidate and Employee Touchpoint Map - here

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