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Employer branding vs. Recruitment marketing

Employer Brand: "I've heard your company is amazing; where do I apply?"

Employer Value Proposition (EVP): "You promise "that if I give you my commitment, you'll let all this for me? ItIt'shis that makes me want to join, stay or leave.”

Unique selling point (USP): "This is what makes you unique. This is why I choose you over your competitors."

Recruitment Marketing: "Working for our company is amazing; you should apply!"

Job Advertisement: "Apply now, apply here, come!"

Recruitment marketing and employer branding are inextricably linked. Employer branding is the process of describing your brand as an "employer of choice." And recruitment marketing counts that you communicate (both internally and externally) about what makes your company unique and why workers like working in your company.

Employer branding and recruitment marketing are closely related, but they are not the same thing. Employer branding is the process of promoting a company's reputation as an excellent workplace, while recruitment marketing focuses on promoting job opportunities to potential candidates.

Employer branding is more focused on the overall reputation and culture of the company, while recruitment marketing is more focused on specific job openings and attracting candidates to apply for those jobs.

Recruitment marketing concentrates on distributing that brand to the outside world. The most critical factor to consider here is how you will utilize that message cross-channels to enhance your candidate experience. Consider things like content development, social media updates, and so forth.

The second difference you must know is:

Although employer branding must remain constant, recruitment marketing must evolve.

The company's values and objectives serve as the basis for employer branding. And employer branding expects a significant time and resource commitment. In contrast, your recruitment marketing should be adjusted based on the results you routinely achieve. Marketing involves testing and monitoring to determine what works and what doesn't.

These two are closely related. Both employer branding and recruitment marketing are essential for attracting top talent to a company, but they serve different purposes and are implemented in different ways.

It's critical to remember the following:

That your brand is defined by its employees.

The employer brand is at the heart of recruitment marketing and is critical to its success.

When a company properly understands the interaction between recruitment marketing and employer branding, it can effectively target the most qualified applicants.


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