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Finding a job during Covid 19

For so many people around the world, the working environment has changed forever. Whether it’s the work from home, company insolvencies or even social distancing in the office, we must learn to adapt to the new normal.

This post is a dedication to the many many people facing the job hunt during Covid 19. Though unemployment and emergency aid is helping many, for a large population, the financial support is not enough to cover their cost of living or they have gotten sucked into a blackhole of paperwork, hold times and unanswered questions.

This can be stressful and you might be wondering how you can find a job during a situation like now. The answer may be overly simplistic: hustle. Hustle means more than just never giving up, but also learning which tools to use, how to manage expectations and how to keep yourself going.

In this short post, we will provide you with a few tips for how to hustle and improve your chances of finding a job in the coming months!

Remember that things aren’t forever. It’s easy to think that small periods of time have huge ramifications for our careers. Sometimes this may be true but mostly it isn’t the case. A few months or even a few years is a short timeline in the grander scale of your career, particularly during a situation like Covid 19. Remind yourself that whatever steps you take now aren’t permanent and you are in the same boat as many others.

Don’t be overly picky. Linking to the point above about putting your timelines into perspective, try to ‘put glitter against glue’. Whilst it’s normally always advised to follow your passion with your career, now we are living in an extraordinary moment for job seekers. Putting glitter against glue is the act of going after every possible opportunity until something starts to work out. If that means putting aside your passion for one moment to have a place to live and food to eat, then this is something you should really consider.

You are resourceful. Many industries may be struggling but others are thriving. Be smart about the types of role you look for and in which industry. There are many jobs cropping up across the globe for remote work if the increased demand in grocery, delivery and healthcare is not a fit for you due to health concerns. To cater to this new world of work a number of platforms will help you with your search including remote work job sites like We Work Remotely, as well as existing players like Glassdoor who have introduced Job Search Hub and a Hiring Surge Explorer.

The more you focus on what could do to work through this crisis, the more you deploy your mind to look for opportunities. This includes searching for information, being willing to ask for help and even coming up with innovative solutions that you hadn’t thought of before

Make your hustle into discipline. When you come out the other side of this Covid 19 job hustle, you will be a stronger person. You will have acquired the resiliency to deal with repeated failure, the adaptability to embrace different industries or job types, and the stamina to build a long term career. You are teaching yourself that you can do anything that you put your mind to, even when the odds are against you. You are practicing control of your choices vs. being reactive to the current situation. That will pay off many dividends throughout your life

And lastly, here are some of questions you could use to second guess yourself and make sure you are always hustling the right way:

  • Am I looking in the right industry?

  • Am I flexible on the job type and duration?

  • Which platforms am I using?

  • Is there a company I can reach out to directly?

  • Is my resume catered to this specific role?

  • What are my expectations in terms of timeline and salary?

  • What am I willing to accept as a second best scenario?

  • Am I flexible with location?

The road ahead won’t be easy, but you will thrive. We hope this gave you a boost in your job hunt, and if you require any free advice about anything discussed here please reach out to us.

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