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Going beyond the candidate: Does your brand possess human qualities? (part 1)

As you might already know, we at learn from different industries and bridge their knowledge with recruitment. This two-part blog will teach us to understand candidates using digital anthropology.

3 main learnings here:

1. Candidates are imperfect and vulnerable

2. Employer brands should behave like human

3. Be less intimidating and more authentic

6 human attributes can attract others to your brand, even though they have no authority over others.

1. Physical features - make you unique but do not picture yourself as too perfect. Your logo and tagline should stand out visually. Make sure your design process, flow templates, and candidate experience match and make good impressions (are physically attractive)

2. Intellect - show you have the ability to think beyond the obvious. You should be able to effectively resolve potential candidates' problems through your brand.

3. Sociability - Be able to engage with candidates confidently. Answer candidates' questions, resolve their complaints, engage them in multiple communication channels, and last but not least, share content with them through social media.

4. Emotionality - Use inspirational messaging and humor to connect emotionally with candidates.

5. What is your personality like - are you conscious of what you are good at while admitting your own faults? Have confidence in yourself, but be honest. Hiring processes aren't perfect. Continually improve. Communicate publicly how companies reinvent their recruitment processes.

6. Morality - ethics, and morals are essential. Having the courage to do what's right and knowing the difference between right and wrong. Your drive and ethical considerations will be valued by candidates.

This is when you can take a deep breath and think about your employer's brand and the messages you send out. Is it like a natural person? What can I do to make it more like a person?

For your business to improve its brand favourability and make the most of its marketing, you should look at the three main factors that have an impact on people as they go through the hiring process:

1. Start with social media influence: deliberately and strategically implement tactics to use social media as an effective tool in creating awareness and appeal

2. Work on advocacy: We already know that turning our employees into advocates can be a good thing, but we need to do more to make this happen. Employees who don't have a good experience at work will cost you a lot of money because good agents usually come from happy employees.

3. Get your candidate onboard: making a candidate into an advocate is all about the candidate's experience. People who are happy with the process are walking and talking on billboards for us even before the age of social media. To be successful, make sure that each candidate has a good experience.

Ready to behave like a human?

Follow for Part 2: Going beyond the candidate: How to make your strategy human-centric.

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