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Guide to target your audience by words

This post will help you to find the best ways to target your market.

The first step in targeting your market is to identify and clearly define who that target market is.

In some cases, this is obvious and easy. If you are a tech product company, your target talent is in the majority of techies. Or you are a very performance driven company, which is looking for competitive and purely result driven people. Or you look for sport enthusiasts because your product is a fitness software.

You could say the audience is simply people who like sport and are interested to work in that sector.

For that reason, you wanna target people who are going to the gym, who are fitness lovers, maybe people interested in a healthy lifestyle. But how are you going to target them? You can print offline advertisements and hang your flyers around gym areas, or inside gyms if possible. But how to do it online?

There are a lot of ways to target your market. You can use Facebook ads, Google Adwords, Instagram ads, etc. If you have a small budget, you should start with Facebook. And if you have a big budget, you can start with Instagram. But there is as well the other way you can identify your target audience by words. And here is how Robert W. Bly teach in The Big Book of Words That Sell!

The following words and phrases you can use to identify and engage your target audience:

  • Calling, calling all ______________ (Calling All Gym Lovers)

  • Dear _____________ (Dear Gym Lover:)

  • Do you, don’t you (Don’t you just enjoy going to the gym which has a helpful app for its customers?)

  • Have you? (Have YOU ever gone to the gym and wished that the gym would be more technologically advanced?)

  • If you (If you love sport, you’ll love to build our app.)

  • If you are a ____________________ (If you are a gym person, this is something you’ll want to know more about.)

  • Perfect for _______________ (Perfect for sport lovers who crave to build a fitness software.)

  • Want, want to (To people who want to code and contribute to fitness—but can’t get started.)

  • We’re looking for (We’re looking for people to write code of top-notch fitness software.)

  • You can make (You can make big money in the sports and fitness industry right now.)

More words and phrases like this, check the book > The Big Book of Words That Sell - Robert W Bly

Final Thoughts

There are two types of people: those who think they can and those who think they can’t. The first type will find a way. The second type won’t.

I hope this post helped you to understand that one important thing: You can!

You don’t have to have a natural ability for writing. If you follow the right copywriting rules and structures and you learn them to use, they will make you seem like you are one of them.

And these writing rules and structures you can learn in our visual training guideline.

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