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Turning your employer brand into content

By now you’ve hopefully read many of our posts about the importance of content creation, and you’ve understood it’s a key part of the Recruiter 3.0 philosophy - in other words future proofing yourself as a recruiter.

But how can you turn your employer brand into actionable content?

This is a critical component of recruitment marketing as it allows you to infuse the values of your company into content that can be seen by potential hires and even customers. Your content voice is one of the long term drivers of your brand, and so you should really be thinking about it from day 1.

In this post, we’ll dive into some key ways you can convert your employer branding into awesome content that your future hires will love and react to!

Have a content theme

Consistency is key to an effective content strategy.

If your employer brand is based on creativity, let your audience see and breathe that constantly. If your employer brand is based on motivation, let your audience understand that daily.

If your employer brand is based on excellence, let your audience be inspired each time you post.

Spotify’s Instagram is a great example of a content theme in action. In both their consumer and employer brand, they place heavy emphasis on the creators that power their platform. Their social media profiles highlight the individual musicians that make up their streaming numbers. Likewise this atmosphere of highlighting creativity is infused in their career pages. This type of consistency unifies their overall message, and makes it clear what type of profile they want.

To see more great examples of consistent content themes from employers on Instagram, take a look here:

The content goodie bag

Your most important asset will always be your employees. They are your evangelists and voices out in the world and should be a central part of your branding strategy on Instagram. Here are 3 easy ways to leverage your team to create a content goodie bag:

1) Showcase your employees in a natural way and promote a sense of the diversity in the company. Asana is a brilliant example of how to capture your employees in a way that gives them character, maintains interest and showcases diversity in a creative way

2) As mentioned above, consistency builds brand awareness and can be an effective way to keep your followers updated. Why not implement weekly takeovers or Friday chats with an employee? Check out this example from the Jobylon page, where a customer shares her journey as a traveling digital nomad

3) Take your customers or potential hires behind the scenes of your company. Highlight key insights led by your employees. These are both effective ways at lifting the veil on what it’s really like to work at your company and what the people are really like. This can be a human way to showcase your employer brand as content.

Interact with your audience and tell your story

Never underestimate the power of interaction. Establishing relationships takes time and building employer branding on social media is about showing up, over and over again. Don’t give up if you don’t see an immediate return on your content. Like starting a blog, this will be a medium to long term gain for your brand. It’s about humanizing your company and going deeper than the facts you might have on your “about us” page.

Get inspired by some of these companies showcasing awesome employer brands over and over again on social media:

Get ahead of the curve

Last but not least, think like a marketeer! That means keep your eyes on where your audience is active and try to be early to the party.

In the case of 2020, TikTok is a huge employer branding opportunity if played correctly by companies. As brands try to navigate the raw content vibe of TikTok, we’ve already discussed how you might leverage the platform for your employer brand.

Beyond paid options on TikTok, have fun and show a more day-to-day insight into your company. This can be a powerful way to show candidates what your company culture looks like and generate key interaction with your audience.

To see some examples of employer brands being forged on TikTok, take a look here:

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