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What factors do candidates consider before choosing a company to work with?

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

Right now, companies have a tricky time finding, hiring, and keeping the top technical talent they need to keep their businesses running and growing.

Employers used to think that an average market pay and some long-vest benefits were enough, but that’s changed. These are unprecedented times, dealing with post-Covid, war, and recession. And we are able to see emerging trends such as — a generational shift, great resignation, or quiet quitting.

To attract and keep talented people, companies need to understand how their priorities have shifted and be able to offer people what they’re looking for.

While the reasons why people joined or left a company didn’t change, what did change was the priority of those reasons. People reordered their needs.

People rethought what work means to them. And that created a significant gap between what employees want and what organizational leaders expect.

The majority of workers who quit their jobs in 2021 and 2022 cite low pay, limited possibilities for progress, feeling disrespected, childcare concerns, insufficient flexibility to select when to put in hours, poor benefits, wishing to relocate to a different place, working too many or too little hours.

But why is it important for you?

Understanding why people join and leave helps you sell your employer's value proposition.

Your proposition promises to add value to your ideal candidate and employees. And therefore, your employer's value proposition needs to be relevant to your audiences.

If you have a proposition irrelevant to your talent audience, they will not choose you to join or stay too long. Be relevant.

If you do not understand what your audience expects, you will never be persuasive and different!


So let's see and do one simple exercise to find out whether you understand your employer's value proposition.

Please respond to the following questions as fully as possible and provide as much information as you can:

Two things to note: First, an innovative product shouldn't be the only employer value proposition you mention. Second, excellent customer service is not an employer value proposition.

Now when you look at what did you write. Reflect on your answers. Is your company proposition reflecting talent motivation? How good or bad is your company when it comes to those attributes?

Relevance sells, irrelevance annoys people.


Your employer's value proposition should eliminate unqualified readers. Targeting your ideal candidate based on knowing their motivators will strengthen your employer's value proposition.

When communicating your proposition, you must use easy-to-understand language to captivate your prospective reader. Be credible, straightforward, and simple. (learn more about how to write a compelling message - here)

Be credible, straightforward, simple.
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