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Recruiter Standup

We've all got our stories from the workplace. Whether it's good, bad or ugly,
Recruiter Standup is your judgement free space to speak up. Join our next event :)

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Real talk every month.

Anything goes at Recruiter Standup. Once a month we gather to share, argue, debate and learn from each other's stories at the workplace. Whether it's a pissed off recruiter or an inquisitive candidate, join us for beer, bad jokes and a whole lot of storytelling.


There really isn't a reason not to come. Let's share the things on our mind in an open, no judgement space. And hey, we might become better professionals thanks to it! 

How it works






Drinks & Chat

Each speaker will go up for 15 minutes,
to celebrate, complain or just comment
on a workplace story they've encountered

Time to discuss with other professionals
in the room and see what learnings
can be exchanged

Grab a drink from the bar, meet like-minded
people and enjoy real talk about professional
life that's typically behind closed doors

Join us!

This month's theme: Culture differences at the workplace 🗣

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