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Tailored workshops and on-the-job training

Learn more about our personalised and immersive approach to upskilling your team


On the job coaching

Get advice, support and training while you carry out your job responsibilities

On-the-job coaching's main aim is to better mentee skills, and performance, and help them effectively navigate their work setting.

Skill development | Career growth | Personalized guidance | Improved performance | Increased confidence | Career growth | Networking and mentorship | Greater job satisfaction



Values Taught

Highlights of the coaching

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minute pre-coaching consultation


monthly call
(90 mins)

3 months of tailored plan and personalised approach


Slack support, brainstorming, reviews, and more



The workshops are highly interactive. Although we discuss a lot of models and tools. In essence, our workshops are crash courses in employer branding, recruitment marketing, and content marketing.

There is sufficient room for bringing in individual experiences and cases. The workshops are primarily practical and designed to give everyone the tools they can apply when back at work the next day.

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Employer Branding Strategy: learn how to build a solid employer brand strategy. This includes defining the target audience and identifying the unique aspects of the company culture and employer value proposition.

Employer Branding Management: learn how your employer brand should express itself to your audience. This may include developing a messaging framework, identifying appropriate channels for communicating their employer brand, and creating a plan for monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of their employer branding initiative.

Employer Branding Activation: learn how to implement specific tactics and strategies to promote and enhance your employer brand. This includes creating employee advocacy programs, personal branding, and social influence principles.

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Highlights of the workshops

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minute pre-workshop consultation


hours interactive team workshop (ideally split into two sessions)


*Our digital publication, templates and workbooks are included


Onsite or remote

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